A rose that can't bloom
Waiting to arrive at the Doors of Death
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Word by word || Natalia & Scarlett

          Natalia pulled Scarlet closely behind her, tugging a her sleeve, like the child she was. It felt nice, to have a Close friend, that was visible, and a girl, for once. She heard her dark combat boots scuff across the grass beneath her, unearthing the ground beneath her from how fast she was running. Soon, they arrived at the front of cabin five. The two of them didn’t enter though. “Prepare to have you’re mind blown.” She said silently to her.

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    "But you have to remember… These things that we’re scared of and are cautious about… WHo says that they are real? We can...
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    "I see what you mean." Natalia said holding up the book for Scarlet. "It says," the small girl before Scarlet could read...